Welcome to Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue; a charity dedicated to the protection and care of abused and abandoned animals.

We were established in 2016 with the rescue of a Kakariki parrot called Malzino from a cramped cage in a garage. Named the Rainbow Bird Rescue, our charity quickly expanded to care for a range of birds and animals. Building our first animal rescue centre just outside Manchester, it quickly took over an entire back garden!

This year the charity has expanded, gaining use of 30 acres of farmland in remote rural Wales. Animal welfare, veterinary and conservation experts have also expanded our team. As a result we now provide care and rescue to all birds and animals, and have renamed the charity Rainbow Bird & Animal Rescue.

Taking on all kinds of abandoned, abused and injured wildlife, agricultural and pet animals, we provide them with expert care and attention and a forever home at our Welsh farm sanctuary. From battery hens to broken-winged owls and a micro-pig called Parsnip, it is our mission to provide exceptional care and love to every animal that comes to us.

Parsnip the micro pig at Rainbow Animal Rescue centre in Wales
Parsnip the micro-pig, an unwanted pet who now enjoys roaming most of our 30 acre farm!

Our Animal Welfare Work

We carry out animal welfare, care and rescue work for all animals and birds whether wildlife, pets or agricultural animals.

Many of our animals are unwanted pets who often arrive at our smaller rescue centre just outside Manchester. The veterinary team provide a full health check and any medical attention needed. Then they’re transferred out to the Welsh countryside to settle into their new home at our farm sanctuary.

Our team also bring a huge amount of experience in working with wild animals. Sometimes we provide homes for injured species that can’t return to the countryside, though we prefer to return them. After nursing them to health we arrange for release where they can establish their own home in the wild.

Animal welfare is always our highest priority. We do everything we can to provide each animal with everything they need to be healthy, comfortable and happy. A great example is our barn owl Ollie, who arrived with a damaged wing that prevented him living wild. Once he had settled in we searched out a similarly injured female owl. They now live together as a friendly and affectionate partnership on the farm.

Ollie the owl
Ollie the owl, who found a new home and girlfriend when he came to our rescue with an injured wing.

How You Can Help

All of our work is funded by our team and by donations from the general public. We are a registered charity and spend every penny extremely carefully. Our first priority is always the care of the many creatures who live with us, and continually improving our rescue centre facilities so we can provide wonderful homes for even more. If you would like to help by making a donation you can do so below, or click How To Help for other ways you can support Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue.