Welcome to Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue; a charity dedicated to the protection and care of abused and abandoned animals.

Our work began in 2016 after rescuing Malzino, a Kakariki parrot, from a tiny cage in a garage. Building an animal rescue centre in a garden outside Manchester we called it Rainbow Bird Rescue; a charity to care for birds and animals.

This year, since running out of space, we opened a second animal rescue set on a 30 acre farm in Wales. Our team also got bigger with vets, animal welfare and wildlife experts joining us. Now able to rescue all birds and animals in need, we are called the Rainbow Bird & Animal Rescue charity.

Unwanted, abused and injured wildlife, pets and farm animals all live here with us. Ex-battery hens, pet parrots and injured owls, as well as unwanted sheep and a micro-pig called Parsnip; every animal gets a forever home and all the love and care they need to be happy.

This year the Rainbow Rescue team are working hard building homes at the farm rescue centre. Having so much space is amazing, but now we need lots of shelters, perches and places to eat! Please help by telling people about the charity on Facebook and Instagram, or click to donate. We will soon be launching crowd fund projects and animal sponsorships, so look out for updates!

Parsnip the micro pig at Rainbow Animal Rescue centre in Wales
Parsnip the micro-pig, an unwanted pet who now enjoys roaming most of our 30 acre farm!

Our Animal Rescue Work

We provide animal welfare, care and rescue work for all kinds of animals and birds.

Most of the animals here are unwanted pets and farm animals, or injured wildlife. Firstly arriving at our Manchester animal rescue centre, the vets provide a health check and any medical help needed. After that our animal guests move into their new homes at the farm sanctuary in Wales and settle in.

Pets and farm animals have a forever home here for the rest of their lives, cared for by our team. We try to return wildlife to the wild, but if an injury means they couldn’t survive then they stay with us too. Of course, wildlife experts on our team make sure wild releases are into safe and healthy habitats; we want wild animals to live long lives so they need space and food to make a great home.

Animal welfare is our highest priority and so we do everything we can to keep every animal healthy and happy. For example, our barn owl Ollie arrived with a damaged wing that stopped him living wild. Once he had settled in we looked for a female owl that was also injured to move in with him. They now live together on the farm and have become close friends.

Ollie the injured owl, a wildlife animal rescue
Ollie the owl, who found a new home and girlfriend when he came to our rescue with an injured wing.

How You Can Help

Our team and public donations provide the funds for all our work. We are a charity and try to get the most from every penny spent. The care of the animals who live with us always comes first, but we also aim to expand our rescue centres to give happy homes to even more. If you can help us by making a donation click below, or go to How To Help for other ways you can support Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue.